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I’m a performing artist in Disneyland Shanghai.
I’ve always wanted to try it out—who doesn’t dream of working in the happiest place in the world, right? I took the chance when the opportunity came and I’ve been there for over a year.

What keeps you going at your job everyday?
It’s so rewarding when you can see the joy on the kids’ face, and you know you made their day. Seeing that amazement never gets old.

Who’s your favourite Disney princess?
I do love Merida from Brave—I connect with her on so many different levels, and her personality really resonates with mine. I also love Jasmine from Aladdin; I guess I’m more fond of the spunkier princesses (laughs).

Share with us a fact about yourself that not many people might not know.
I have a very flexible back, which is quite ironic since I have mild scoliosis.

Do you have a favourite Chinese dish yet?
I can’t possibly choose a favourite—exploring Chinese food is always an adventure because there’s such a huge variety. There’s a restaurant called Lost Heaven in Shanghai Disneyland, and everything I’ve tried from them has been to die for—I especially like the beef stew and the garlic string beans. I struggle with the Szechuan level of spice, but that’s also a fun challenge.

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