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Tell us where you’re from.
I’m from León, which is in the middle of Mexico; our state is famous for producing quality leather products. I’m actually stopping by Singapore for just a day before heading to Bali.

If you could describe your personality as a type of shoe, what would you choose?
I’d choose to be a sandal—I think they’re an important part of Mexican culture, and I want to be strongly related to my own culture.

What’s the one place you’d recommend everyone to visit in León?
Templo Expiatorio—many people might feel that there’s nothing special about a chapel, but I feel that it’s very impressive and inspiring.

Share with us one of your fondest childhood memories.
I used to go for the F1 races with my dad, so that’s a very fond memory. I’m still a very big fan—my favourite driver right now is Daniel Ricciardo.

What’s your favourite cuisine?
It’s definitely Mexican (laughs). My favourite food is tacos. I know it’s famous all over the world, but I think the best tacos can only be found in Mexico, because the original is always the best.

If you created your own taco, what  ingredients would be inside?
I’ll choose to put chicken and a lot of colourful vegetables, because I love seeing bright colours in my food.

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