Invincible Summer






Jia works in a bank job, and says she loves how current, dynamic and relevant my work is. She also satisfies her innate curiosity and creative drive by taking part in a range of activities and hobbies outside of work. Calling herself a “serial collaborator”, she dabbles in flower arranging, cooking, and baking, and before her next birthday, she’d like to learn how to ride a motorbike, get a basic diving licence, and learn how to rock climb. She’s also considered owning her own café, going into interior design, or working for the United Nations. Beyond work, Jia also says that she’s also a sucker for bowling, arcade games, and long walks. “I love long random walks around the different parts of the city,” she says. “I love discovering quiet spots in this bustling city where I can feel like a detached observer as the city scurries around throughout the night.” Jia’s enthusiasm and zest for life is refreshing, and it is somewhat reflected in her dress sense; today’s outfit is youthful and a little fun, but still professional. “I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are unique in their cutting, use of material, or have bold prints,” she says. “I prefer dressing in something with bright colours or flowers, with a hint of vintage.” Jia was previously seen here.

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