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Tell us more about what you do for work.
At my day job, I do events and PR. On the weekends, I shoot street-style photography.

On a regular basis, the street-style photography part of my work is definitely tough to keep up, I’ll say. That’s why I cover some fashion events as well. I also like to go to flea markets to shoot.

A great place to shoot at is Public Garden—a consumer trade show that brings independent brands in the region together for a weekend-long pop-up, which recently returned after a COVID-induced hiatus—because they have many people with different styles.

One of my favourite things about shooting street-style is actually getting to see people with individuality. But nowadays, since COVID, people are still getting back into the groove of dressing up, so I don’t get to shoot as much as before.

What else do you enjoy about street-style photography?
I like that I can ask people where they get their stuff from, how they pick out outfits, or even just finding out about what they do for work.

In fact, I met one of my exes through one of the shoots that I did. We initially bonded because we started a conversation talking about cats. So it’s quite an interesting job overall, and I like to meet people.

You mentioned that you go by the moniker “The Unicorn Huntress”. Can you tell us more about that?
I adopted the moniker during my time at Nookmag, an alternative lifestyle and street culture online magazine which I first joined when I was in polytechnic to shoot street style fashion.

All of us at Nookmag had the freedom to pick a unique nickname for ourselves, like Wordsmith or Lens Smith, to be displayed on our business cards. Because I specialised in street style fashion photography, my managing editor and I were initially thinking of names along the line of Fashion Shooter or Street Snapper, but those just didn’t quite stick. Plus we thought that Street Snapper sounded more like a name for a fish (laughs).

Anyway, at the time, I was quite interested in unicorns. The people that I shoot are quite challenging to find in Singapore, much like unicorns, and I normally had to “hunt” for them, so to speak. So that’s when we settled for Unicorn Huntress. It’s a conversation starter when I give out my business cards too!

Eventually, it grew to become my personal branding and I added “The” in front of Unicorn Huntress. I’ve never told anyone the reason for this, but this was inspired by a line from Kung Fu Panda, where Po emphasised on “The” in front of his name to refer to refer to himself as the biggest, fattest panda (laughs).

These days, many people think think that I’m the unicorn as well as the hunter, because I usually dress in bright colours. It’s quite rare to see me in black, but if I do wear a full black outfit, it could just be that I’m not in the best mood.

Is there anything that inspired your outfit today?
Actually, I feel that today I’m a bit too blue (laughs).

It’s been a while since I’ve actually worn this skirt, so I thought, why not just wear it today? And then I just paired it with this top that I recently bought from Public Garden. I like the prints on it because it’s pastel—I love pastel colours and cutesy stuff.

This bag is my day-to-day work bag. It can’t actually fit everything I need, so I usually bring another backpack, but it’s also in pastel. So everything is in pastel, except for my shoes. I wanted to wear sneakers today, but I didn’t feel like it matched or reflected the outfit.

So usually, I build my outfit piece by piece, or just build it off something that I feel like wearing, like maybe a piece that I haven’t worn in a while.

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