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You’ve lived in Singapore for about a year and a half—what do you like most about Singapore?
The buildings and the lights—I like the architecture here, and the lights make me feel that there’s movement all around me, which makes me feel less alone, since I moved here by myself. Also, it’s great that everything works and that it’s safe to go out at night.

What do you not like about Singapore?
The cost of living! (laughs)

Are there any traditional festivals or celebrations in Argentina, where you’re from, that people don’t really know about?
We don’t have as many traditional celebrations in Argentina, but Carnaval, or Carnival, is a big deal in South America. Some people travel to Brazil to celebrate it. It’s a fun time, with parades and people dressing up in costumes.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would your dream job be?
I’d like to design amusement parks! I think it’d be interesting to decide how everything should look, from the decorations to the rides.

Valentine’s Day was a few weeks ago—what do you think is an unusual but fun way to celebrate it?
I think it’d be interesting to go on an outing or a trip with friends who’re couples, like a double date—we could go to an amusement park! (laughs)

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