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Tell us more about yourself:
I’m working at a boxing studio right now. I handle the backend administration and day-to-day tasks but I also practice there frequently, so I’m usually in comfortable streetwear.

You mentioned that you used to be a dancer.
I still am, but I’ve dialled it down quite a bit. I used to do hip-hop quite a lot, so I picked up the street style fashion from there. I don’t dance as much anymore, but I think it’ll always be a part of me because it influences so much of my style.

What first attracted you to hip-hop?
I started liking the genre because it’s a little more masculine, and that was something I was looking for at that point in my life. It’s a good way to bring out the fierce side of you, and I really enjoyed the music too.

How has your music taste changed over the years?
I used to be really into hip-hop, but now I prefer Soul and R&B. Some artists I listen to now are H.E.R, Jorja Smith and Annie Lennox. I’ve been using Spotify quite frequently to find new artists too.

What’s the most recent concert you’ve been to?
I went for Garden Beats Festival in March to catch Masego. I ended up getting into Alina Baraz’s music
too—I’ve heard of her but never really listened to her music before the festival. I didn’t really get the chance to check out the other acts.

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