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Amelia sticks to a strictly monochromatic palette when it comes to her clothes — black, white, grey — so much so that when she’s dressed in a different hue, she’s bound to get a reaction from her colleagues. “Everyone I encounter throughout the day goes “oh-my-god-you’re-not-in-black-today”.” Amelia goes on to break down the colours in her wardrobe (“90% black, 8% grey/white and 2% colour — only during Chinese New Year, basically”) to demonstrate how she keeps things very simple when it comes to dressing up. Beyond workplace fashion, Amelia offers some advice for those just starting out at any career. “Be open to opportunities and accept that you don’t always need to follow a strict plan. These opportunities, even the smallest ones, will always allow you to learn something about yourself and your likes or dislikes pertaining to work and your career,” she says. “Some doors you thought you’d definitely take may close; others may open. Have a vision, but trust the process.” At both work and in life, she believes in trusting her own inner voice. “Make your own choices even if it scares you. The world is a noisy place and everyone will always have an opinion or something to say, even those who mean well. It’s vital to be able to learn how to just observe but not absorb everything. At the end of the day, the only one who’s living your life is you.” As such, when it comes to managing her personal time, Amelia says that it’s important to be selective. “You’re not obliged to say yes all the time. Time and energy are scarce resources, so you’re forced to learn how to focus on your true inner circle of family and friends —  the only ones that should really matter.” She also values the merit of solitude and time to herself. “The occasional movie or meal on my own is rather therapeutic. At the end of the work day or week, I just want to have some alone time to recharge.” Food seems to be one of the ways that Amelia finds some respite as well. “I have a huge appetite. I think my record is probably being able to finish a packet of fried rice and a Filet-O-Fish meal from McDonald’s in one sitting. I also upsize my pasta where possible and I think potatoes are magical.”

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