Nat & Nin

I’m a student from France, on an exchange programme.
I’m studying luxury marketing. The global approach is quite different from France, but the courses here are deeply interesting and students have a real desire to learn. 

In my free time:
I like going to the theatre, and I like French art and cooking. I bake a lot, like cakes and tarts.

If I were a dessert:
I’d be the Opera cake. I’m crazy about chocolate, but I also like it for its shape. It’s inspired by the Palais Garnier, one of my favourites and the most beautiful building in Paris. I love the dark chocolate glaze, the different layers of chocolate ganache, Joconde almond biscuit, and the little taste of coffee that comes after. I also find the bit of gold glaze on the top very classy and refined!

Favourite place in Singapore so far:
I think it would be Marina Bay. I like it during the day, and even more by night because I feel that it takes on a kind of magic, when all the buildings start to light up.

My favourite movie:
Las 13 rosas, a movie that’s about 13 Spanish young women and mothers and their fight for justice and equality.

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