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Something interesting about myself:
I started out in the creative industry, and now I’m working with numbers.

In my free time:
I help out with Invasion, bringing local bands to schools. I’d like to change the mindset on local creativity, and I just want to see the industry thrive (#SupportLocal).

Why support local?
I think people should be given the opportunity to explore something they might be good in, whether it’s starting a business or writing an album. But when someone says something like “they sound pretty good for a local band”, it pains me a bit because it comes across like someone saying “you speak pretty good English for an Asian” to me when I’m abroad. Apart from that, I think at least a part of ‘supporting local’ comes down to building a shared sense of ownership, and having a cultural identity to take with you.

Role model in life:
My mom, hands down. She has her own business, her own product lines, and employs a bunch of people. Also because she is my mom.

Best advice I’ve ever gotten:
Probably the best thing I’ve learned from someone is the value of “so what?”. If you can’t answer this when arguing something, you should probably think a little bit more about what it is you’re trying to say.

Most exciting thing I’ve ever done:
In general, putting myself out of the comfort zone. Oh and one more thing—I was the lead actor in a feature film, Sandcastle, by local director Boo Junfeng in 2010.

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