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How’s work for you?
I do corporate law, so it’s not exciting things like you’d see on the TV show Suits. I’m getting the hang of it, so I’m still trying to learn the ropes!

Any work perk-me-ups?
I meet friends for lunch from time to time, to keep me going. Most of my work tends to be fairly solo, so in that sense meeting friends and getting perspective from non-law things outside of work keeps me going.

Something interesting about me:
I recently joined this group called Floral Fundays. Basically what they do is repurpose wedding flowers, bring them to old folks’ homes, and make bouquets together with the old folks. I’ve been trying give back to society more, so it’s something more meaningful that I’ve been trying to do.

Favourite comfort foods to eat:
Chee cheong fun, or sliced fish bee hoon soup because it feels right to have warm food in my belly. Otherwise, sitting at my dining table to enjoy a simple home-cooked dinner prepped by my parents—salmon, broccoli, carrots, and rice topped with furikake. 

Philosophy I’m living by right now:
Widening my life. In the past few years, I have made increasingly less space for not-so-serious activities and I’m working at making space for new experiences, learning more and living more fully.

Anywhere you’re travelling to this year?
Seoul, Korea! I’m going with my boyfriend and my really good friend. I watch Korean dramas and I love Korean food. I can’t wait to try live octopus, tag along on my friend’s skincare shopping adventures, and soak in the chaotic (to me) Korean culture. Oh, also to climb a mountain because climbing is painful but rewarding (I assume my travel buddies will agree to this!)

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