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“I believe in giving everything a chance because you’ll never know if you like it. And I like a lot of things,” Dana says. This willingness to experiment has seen the 19-year-old cultivate an eclectic taste in music. “My phone has classical, opera, jazz, musicals, EDM, rock, metal, pop, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese music. I like listening to anything that has a nice tune,” she says. Fresh out of Junior College, Dana hopes to find out what she wishes to study in University through a diversified range of internships. When we met her, she was doing an internship in Finance, which has given her significant insights about the industry — things that Google has failed to enlighten her on in the past, she says. Her personal style is similarly exploratory, dependent on what she feels that day. “I like a huge range of styles, from cute Japanese-esque pastel clothes to edgy leather jackets and bralets. ” Thankfully, her workplace is relatively liberal, which gives her room to express herself — a right which she thinks should be accorded to everyone.“I believe that everyone is entitled to wear what they like, from turtlenecks to killer heels, and that they should not be judged for what they wear. Outer appearance has nothing to do with our brains anyway.”

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