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Greeting us with a wide smile and an open handshake, Ken, a co-founder of Grain Traders, looked nearly as pleased to see us as we were him. Ken radiates an enthusiasm for life and work, calling himself blessed to be able to work in a profession he loves and be the person he wants to be every single day. Especially important to him are the relationships forged with people. “Be committed to making everyone around you succeed,” he says. It’s clear that Ken is also a committed husband and a doting father, and his kids and wife are never far from his mind.“If you are married, never see yourself as alone in trying to work things out. No one in the world is qualified to be a better partner to make life work than your spouse.” He admits that time can sometimes be a significant constraint, especially when it comes to educating his kids. “I’ve left a lot of that to school and their mom. I would love to be spending time, not just playing and connecting, but teaching them.” In the midst of his many commitments, Ken finds an oasis to retreat to. “The little spare time I get outside of my work, family and hobbies, I use to go for runs and walks with the love of my life, my wife.” Cue the awws.

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