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Tell us more about yourself:
I’m working as a personal assistant in a part-time position, and I’m also studying Business and Law. I used to do accounting when I was in polytechnic but I decided to switch majors.

What led you to the switch?
A couple of reasons, actually: because of my grandfather, my changing goals in life and—it might sound like a petty reason—but it’s because someone challenged me to do this.

How did your grandfather affect your decision?
His last words to me were to study hard. I remember how, from a very young age, he had always wanted me to be a lawyer.

How have your goals in life changed?
Initially my goal was to earn a lot of money. When I entered the workforce, I realised happiness was more important. I actually chose my current job because my boss is a very nice person and the work-life balance is great.

Where do you see yourself in a decade’s time?
Financially stable, hopefully. I see myself as a mother, and an independent woman. For all you know, I could be dead as well (laughs). It’s true, you have to consider that! Death is very unpredictable: it doesn’t look at whether I’m very young or old.

A personal belief that drives you:
To live fully in your present, because you never know if there might still be a tomorrow. 

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