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Love, Bonito







What would you say is your favourite part about your job?
I have to say it’s the people. They make it easier when things are difficult. We struggle together, we accomplish together, we shop together and hunt down sales together.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?
If I had the time and the energy, I’d love to explore and try new styles, but usually I go for a simple and basic look.

Tell us more about the biggest fashion risk you’ve ever taken:
If bangs are considered a risk, then that would be it. I tried them out earlier this year, and I liked it because my previous experience cutting bangs before this was horrible.

Is there a show you find yourself rewatching often?
I really enjoy watching Friends, especially because I love fashion from the ’70’s to ’90’s. I also really enjoy watching Stranger Things because of this reason.

What’s your next holiday destination?
My next holiday is in Bangkok, because I go there every year to update my wardrobe, but I would really love to visit Japan.

What would you say is a comfort food of yours?
I love spicy food, so anything with a bit of spice. The spiciest thing I’ve tried is the level 35 buffalo wings from Sunset Grill and Pub—I took one bite and I cried. I would never go back for it, because I felt that it was pure torture.

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