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If I could have any superpower, it would be:
The ability to travel in time. I’d like to see where I’ll be in the future. I enjoy the process but sometimes it gets a bit tiring! (laughs) Knowing that, I’d take a little shortcut.

What’s a time you’d like to revisit if you could really travel back in time?
My secondary school days. I felt that those were the most carefree days. You didn’t have to think about money and work, you just go to school, meet your friends, go for CCA and have fun.

If a theme song played every time I entered a room, it would be:
Probably That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. It’s a song that I like.

If I could trade lives with somebody for a day, it would be:
Bruno Mars, because I’m just obsessed with him. Or if it’s a girl, I’d say Rihanna or Jessica Alba. I’d pick Jessica Alba because she can dance really well. I used to be in dance too—I started in secondary school, and continued in polytechnic. I was into dance crews and dance clubs.

Biggest fear in life:
Losing someone close to my heart.

If you could say something to the world all at once, what would you say?
“Live life and love life.” That’s my motto.

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