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I’m a health food junkie.
I haven’t been that adventurous as far as local foods go, but I am obsessed with poke bowls right now. I haven’t had much of that in New York. I’ve also tried various acai berry bowls. Poke and acai, for me, are two healthy things that I can easily pick up after work or working out.  They’re healthy and easy to digest, but I still feel full after eating them.

I’ve been in Singapore for 4 months.
I came here for work and it’s been an easy transition for me so far. This is the farthest I’ve been from home, and I love the vibrancy of the place that I’m working at now.

In my free time:
I’m trying to travel more, because of Singapore’s accessible location. I really like being outside and working out, and finding new restaurants and bars to hang out at with my friends.

When I feel overwhelmed, I…
Work out, it’s how I manage my stress levels. I’ve recently gotten into spin classes and I’m having fun embracing the work-out culture here. It’s good motivation.

The best decision that I’ve made:
Putting myself first, in the various aspects of my life. Moving to Singapore was one of these decisions as well, and it really opened up many doors for me, both professionally and personally.

Something interesting about me:
I used to play lacrosse all throughout high school and college. My college experience was really dedicated to playing sports, so after I graduated I had to get used to not being in a sports team anymore, and finding various way to keep myself active and fit.

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