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Something interesting about me:
I’m climbing to the Everest Base Camp this December…and I’m not prepared!

I love the outdoors.
I used to live in New Zealand, so I really like going on treks. Nothing super intense, but I love being outside.

Something people don’t know about New Zealand:
People really underestimate the quality of the food there! We have a lot of great food and a couple of celebrity chefs as well. I really like the steak, yogurt and the cheese back in New Zealand.

The scariest thing I’ve ever done:
White-water rafting in New Zealand. I fell into the rapids and  there was an almost 3-meter tall waterfall!

The best decision I ever made:
To move to Singapore. It’s given me a lot more job opportunities, and life is a lot more exciting. I like the vibrancy and culture in Singapore.

My dream vacation:
Would consist of something that challenges me, and have an element of relaxation and fun as well.

The last memorable place I traveled to:
Hawaii, with my husband for his birthday. We basically spent his birthday swimming with the turtles. We also spent our wedding anniversary in Las Vegas, where we did a road trip out to the Grand Canyon and ended the night with a show at Cirque du Soleil.

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