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Tiffany & Co.

My dream job:
An MTV VJ, for sure, so I can meet all the artistes. Or maybe an E! Entertainment host. I love celebrities. I saw Heidi Klum once but I was too scared to say hi. I wanna be more of a host for the concerts. I’d actually be a very good hype-woman.

What’s one thing you’d never be caught dead wearing?
Ugg Boots or Crocs! Shoes make an outfit and those just don’t have the street cred.

My dream workplace:
Would have an open, friendly environment, and a snack kitchen with popcorn and lots of sweets.

Something interesting about me:
I’m from Australia, but have been here since I was 12. I can also do the worm. I do it at nightclubs, it’s my party trick!

Craziest thing I’ve ever done:
Canyoning in Ecuador. The company was really dodgy and we had to abseil down a 30m waterfall—it was pretty scary.

Most memorable trip:
After university, I spent 6 months travelling around South and Central America with my best friends. I don’t think anything could top that trip. We started in Brazil and ended in Mexico, and visited 13 countries in total. We met so many amazing people, tried some really delicious food, and had unbelievable experiences like trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, watching a volcano erupt at sunrise in Guatemala, and swimming with sharks in Belize.

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