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What’s something that you’ll never be caught dead wearing?
All black. I feel that colour is important.

Dream job:
I wanted to be a fashion designer but now I think I want to be more of a creative director of a magazine. My dream magazine would be a huge collection of any kind of writing, art, and photography from anyone anywhere in the world, and I mean anyone who has the same passion. I just love the thought of having a book full of creative things made by all kinds of creative people.

Best decision ever:
Shaving my head. If it weren’t for my extremely curly hair, I wouldn’t have known that I look a lot better without it.

My dream office would have:
Awesome speakers, and, of course, soundproof walls. Wouldn’t want to disturb anyone with my weird taste in music! Also, a food rack, like the ones celebrities have backstage, filled with a bunch of fattening goodies. I honestly could eat it all.

Favourite movie:
The Breakfast Club because I would do anything to be in that detention class. I loved every single character and how in the end they all became the best of friends. Gosh, I would be like the weird girl’s sidekick or something. And also I really love the clothes in that era.

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