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Best decision ever:
Studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. It’ll forever be my best decision. I guess while some people say that university days are the best time of your life, for me it’ll have to be polytechnic, where I made a lot of friends in business and engineering school. I think CCA also played a part. I was in this organization called ‘Ngee Ann Ambassadors’. We ran camps and did the open house so it was really fun. It took up most of my time aside from studying but I really enjoyed it.

On the flip side, what’s the worst decision you’ve ever made?
I don’t see any decision as the worst decision. I feel that whatever decision made at any point of time in life is a decision you make so you can learn from something. That’s how I see it.

My biggest fear in life:
Disappointing others. People don’t set high expectations for me but I set expectations as I fear that I’ll disappoint them.

Name three people who inspired you and what you do.
Firstly, friends in school who do interesting work. Secondly, my mum—she’s always wanted to do art, but due to financial constraints she couldn’t. As her daughter, being in the industry, I’d like to do her proud. I also get inspired by a lot of artists, be it musicians, celebrities or fine artists like Vincent Van Gogh. I really like BTS, the Korean group. The music that they create is very inspiring. They don’t sing only about love but also about school violence and bullying. Recently they had a campaign called “Love Myself” and the entire album is going to cross over a year. It talks about how, as a person, you need to love yourself. They sing a lot about friendships, human relationships, and everyday life. That’s why I’m inspired to create things to inspire other people too.

I have five tattoos.
There’s one on my back which says “in life you need to love” in Korean. I got it two years back from a Korean artist who does very nice calligraphy and watercolour artwork. At that point of time I was experiencing healing after a break up and it acts as a reminder to learn to let go and to love yourself and others, no matter what.

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