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Proenza Schouler



What inspires you to do what you’re doing day in and out?
I get to talk to a lot of other creative people and work on interesting brands.

I moved to Singapore seven years ago.
I wanted to explore a life that was far away from home, in France. Singapore has been very good to me; I’ve had the chance to meet many international people and I think it’s an awesome place to be.

My favourite thing about Singapore:
Food—I like chee cheong fun and any kind of dim sum.

Best decision ever:
Persevering with living in Singapore despite not speaking very good English nor knowing anyone here at first—I stayed in a hostel with a guy I met on the plane. I was also single when I came over seven years ago, but I met my husband here and now I’m happily married. Singapore has given me great stuff, and I feel like it has so much culture. When I lived in a flat, I got to experience the hungry ghost festival and the smells that come with it.

What’s the biggest difference between Singapore and France, where you’re from?
The French are reflective and believe in tradition, but Singapore is future-oriented. I think my position of being in the middle is good.

What’re your favourite Singlish phrases?
Wah lao, siao liao, bo bian leh. (laughs) I can interact with taxi drivers.

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