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Back in town for her sister’s wedding (“I’m so proud she’s now a Mrs!”), Kathy is currently studying photography in London; her most recent project is entitled “Television Memoriam”, which sounds something a little like a sci-fi experiment. “I’ve been working on a sensor which triggers a visual image or film when someone touches an everyday object. It simulates the experience of flashing back though a person’s memory,” she says. “What makes a memory? What kind of memories spark out of the theory of association? Such is the question of this project.” Not surprising, then, that if she wasn’t studying photography, Kathy says she’d be learning code and computer programming. Describing her style as “1960s tomboy kitten”, Kathy also personally feels that “any person who wears fishnet stockings has simply lost control of their life.” Her advice for dressing up is simple: “A good complexion is your best accessory, and when in doubt, wear black.” Kathy spent some time working before she continued her course of study, and says that passion is of utmost importance in any job. “Be thrilled! If you’re passionate about your job, the rest comes naturally.” When school life gets a bit trying, Kathy always turns to her family and friends to give her a fresh perspective. “Currently, most of my family are not living in the same country as I am, but I find that telephone calls, cards, or text messages also let you know you’re thinking about them without physically being in the same space.” In her down time, Kathy loves a good pilates session and films, especially by Wes Anderson and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. She also frequents the Tate Modern museum in London, and spends a lot of her time there in the Mark Rothko room. The philosophy Kathy’s living by right now? “At this moment? Appreciate your roots.”

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