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While black seems to be the colour de rigueur of the workforce, Glenn says he’s actually not a big fan of black. “Your pairing options are limited,” he says. “For work wear, you can never go wrong with navy. Also, never wear black & brown together in the same outfit. These two colours should never go together in an attire.” He also suggests that men should pay more attention to their ties, pocket squares, and shoes. “Good shoes bring you to great places.” Glenn’s job actually requires him to be in a suit everyday, and that’s just one of the reasons why he loves it; another reason is the new people he gets to meet everyday. “There’s always something to learn from different individuals,” he says. “What I dislike the most would definitely be the early mornings.” A reminder he gives to himself, and to others, when it comes to work would be to work hard, be positive, and stay humble. Outside of work, Glenn says his off-time is spent based on his mood. “Some days I love to stay at home the entire day, whereas on others, I love to have fun with my friends until late into the night. The things I do are a bit more extreme.” Describing his style as traditional tailoring with a subtle twist, Glenn says that he would love to set up his own made-to-measure mens’ business some day. He knows he’ll have his work cut out for him, but he believes that “dreams don’t work unless you do”.

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