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Share with us a little bit more about your favourite corner in your home.
One of my favourite corners of my home is my bed, a spot where the sun unexpectedly shows up in morning which makes it the perfect corner to sit and read. Also, I recently bought a great speaker which helps whenever I need music to lighten up the mood.

We know you’re fond of reading—what’s one book that has changed your perspective on life?
The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli. It was recommended by my sister; it taught me to make better decisions every single day in countless aspects of your life, in whatever you do.

How would you describe your sense of fashion? Do you think it has changed during Circuit Breaker?
I would say it’s pretty laid-back. I generally tend to stick to a more comfortable fit whether I’m out for a shoot or for lunch with my friends. Circuit Breaker definitely shifted my fashion choices in terms of fit and cut.

What do you think is the one item in your overall outfit that makes or breaks your look?
Trousers. I prefer wide trousers or shorts in neutral tones—I generally have the tendency to wear clothes that are casual and clean but also can last me throughout the day.

If you could eat only one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Korean cuisine! My love for gimbap is real.

You’re a designer yourself—what’s one work, project, or campaign that you wish you could have been a part of ?
I’ve always admired Jacquemus’ work: it’d be surreal to be part of their recent 2021 Spring/Summer runway show! The creative team’s idea of applying the context of the current pandemic where the guest were seated at a safe distance from each other, the entire presentation, and setting were all brilliant.

We’re all waiting till we can travel again, but what has been the most memorable holiday for you thus far?
It would be my recent New Year holiday in Japan. I spent about 14 days visiting various cities but Sapporo was one of my more memorable trips, from snow boarding to my first mind-blowing experience of going to an onsen. It was a great mix of culture, food, and drinks.

If you could describe yourself as a genre of music, what would you be?
Lofi hip-hop beats: I would personally say that I’m a dreamer but I also live to create and pursue my goals when I’m determined.

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