3.1 Phillip Lim

You’re usually on the other side of the camera.
I’m a full-time stylist, so I’m usually not facing the camera. It’s always strange and a little awkward (laughs). I’m sure most people who work on the other side of the camera will tell you the same, but because we’ve seen the same scene before from another angle, it’s a strange deja-vu type of experience.

What’s one styling faux pas you see too often?
Wearing slippers to town. Please do not do that anymore, it cause me physical pain.

Was there a habit you picked up during the Circuit Breaker?
I think I became more of an ambivert, actually! I used to be into the party scene and late nights, but now I’m just happy to stay home and skip all the social activities these days.

What do you think is a colour that bests represents you:
Black, definitely. I won’t call it a colour, let’s call it more of a shade. Black is very adaptable, and because it’s so standard and familiar, the different textures that you explore stand out even more—black fur, latex, black glitter. It’s fun, forgiving and fantastic.

Do you have any travel plans you’re dreaming of already?
I was supposed to go on an Europe Trip back in June and it was planned back in December actually. So that’s where I’m hoping to head to once we get some relief from the pandemic. It’s gonna a tour of all the classics: UK, Germany, France.

What’s one of your go-to holiday spots?
Berlin’s my favourite place in the world. It’s a very welcoming city and everyone dresses freely. Everyone is also ready to explore and experiment and feeling that energy go through the city is so great.

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