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What’s something uncommon about yourself that not many people might know about?
I only learnt how to ride a bicycle four years ago, in 2016. I managed to ride it properly in one day!

As someone with a keen interest in fashion and art, share with us some of your role models and inspirations.
My inspiration is none other than Missy Elliot. She’s an icon for not being afraid to be different and always creating something out of the norm. Her music back in the ’90’s is still fresh even till now, and will continue to be in decades to come. I believe fashion and art should be like that—stay fresh, even when they age.

You often do fashion photography—how do you usually decide upon the concept of your projects?
My concepts usually come from my own experiences and surroundings. I love a concept that has meaning behind it, and triggers a certain emotions which most people can relate to. Usually, when I create, it’s influenced by a show I’ve just watched, content I’ve come across on the web or what I’m currently feeling or observing around me. It’s a form of an expression for me to channel my thoughts and emotions.

If you could only dress yourself in one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Nude beige, anytime any day. You can never go wrong with that! It’s such a contemporary shade that can be pulled off by anyone without looking dull or plain. It’s a colour that’s cooling to be worn too.

You’re the oldest out of three siblings—share with us some perks you enjoy:
Apart from being the oldest sibling, I’m also the only girl, so I get to use my brothers’ cool t-shirts  and pullovers. I have a vast preference for fashion so I can be androgynous when it comes to dressing up too. I do enjoy that I have the upper hand for a lot of things since I’m the only girl.

Share with us a little bit more about your favourite corner in the house.
My favourite corner in my house will always be the living room. It is minimal, spacious, and clean. I love that I can set up my own photoshoot and make it look like I’m in a studio.

A dream project you’d like to embark on:
This might seem far-fetched now but I would like to work with a creative team, creating concepts for products and making them different and memorable in the market. It would be a dream if some day, I get to work with big magazines like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar!

If you had the chance to relive just one day of your life again, which one would it be?
It would be the day I finally stop doubting my own craft. I have been so afraid of failure my entire life and I always hold myself back because of that. I tend to not believe in my own potential but I have to thank the people around me that remind me I have a lot to give. I’ll always remember a friend of mine telling me this: “It’s okay to be underrated, because that doesn’t mean you’re not good enough.” I always hold on to this thought.

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