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We see that you’re particularly fond of monochromatic looks—what’s the reason behind this?
I personally feel that it  looks cold, cool, and neat.

Share with us a fashion tip you personally follow.
Balance and compatibility.  You have to ask yourself whether the whole outfit looks put together and whether it complements your body.

What’s the one item from your closet that you bring with you whenever you travel?  
An oversized blazer jacket, just like the one I’m wearing now.

If you could travel into your past to change something, what would you change and why? 
I would like to be more disciplined when it comes to spending on apparel. That way, I could collect more archive pieces I’ve missed from the designers I really admire.

How do you think your own sense of fashion has evolved over the past five years? 
I guess it’s the shift from “looking for what’s trendy” to “looking for pieces that best express my personality and lifestyle”.

Tell us more about your favourite corner at home! 
I see apparel as a designer’s artwork: to me, my wardrobe is a collection of art pieces which I admire and appreciate from time to time.

What’s something you personally discovered during the Circuit Breaker period?
Three days was my maximum limit in terms of following a routine.

You’re currently working in a fashion label for men—what do you think are some untrue stereotypes people tend to have about men’s fashion?
“Most men prefer apparel that is more low-key and allows them to fit in with the crowd easily.” I feel that in recent times, more often than not, men have become more experimental and expressive with their style. I find that interesting because now we have more to discover, study, and learn from.

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