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I love my job.
I work with Netflix, and it’s really fun and there are hardly any restrictions; you can come in to the office and go home any time, as long as you get your work done. They’ll ask you to push your boundaries when it comes to creating content. Oh, and the pantry is amazing! We have all kinds of food, and lunch is catered every day. We’re spoiled in that sense.

In my time at work, I’ve learnt that:
The entertainment industry is forever changing, and you always have to be on your toes and listening out for trends on social media.

Best piece of advice I can give:
Never be afraid, and speak your mind. There’s no right and wrong, especially at work. Just be free with your thoughts, and be creative. Ideas can come from everyone.

My latest tattoo is one on my ankle, of a unicorn.
I was in Los Angeles recently and I just decided to go into a tattoo shop and get it done. I actually believe that unicorns exist. People might refute it a lot but I believe they do exist, somewhere, somehow!

I would describe my style as eclectic.
It can be quite random, depending on my mood. Some days I can wear all black, and some days I wear really crazy colours. But my wardrobe staples are black t-shirts and dresses of varying lengths, in different cuts and textures.

Gabby was previously seen here.

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