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Thomas Sabo

Sasha’s mum is her biggest fan. On a short trip here, all the way from London, her fashion stylist mother was incredibly excited to see Sasha being photographed a second time (she was previously seen here). “She has good taste, and knows what’s good for her,” her mum says. “But I’m always giving her more and more accessories!” It seems that Sasha has indeed inherited her mother’s sense of style, and believes that accessories can help to add a bit of personality to any professional outfit. This printed dress is one of her more typical outfits, perfect for combating the heat. Originally from Russia, Sasha has been enjoying her work here. “The best thing about my job are the people,” she says. “I love meeting new people, learning about their lives, roles, and different cultures. I tend to make friends quite easily.” In this respect, Sasha never finds it difficult to balance work and personal life, because she merges them both. “I don’t see a problem in inviting clients and colleagues to meet my family and friends, and I often suggest for us to go out together.”

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