Lynette has an interesting opinion about clothes, and fast fashion. “How I feel about clothes is kind of how I feel about children,” she says. “There are already so many children in the world, many of them without good homes, so why bring more into the world? Just adopt.” So, Lynette is an avid thrift shopper, and believes that old clothes are unique and well-tailored, and some, like cheong sams or batik kebayas, are practically pieces of art. Besides being able to dress in almost any way she wants for work, she also likes the fast-paced nature of her job, and the fact that she gets to work with “lots of amazing people with great ideas.” Nonetheless, she says that in order to have a proper balance, “Love your work but always look forward to when it ends, because there’s more to life than just work. Plan ahead so you always have things to look forward to.” In addition, she tries to maintain an active lifestyle by “trying” to go for yoga or pilates during her lunch break; and sometimes, she even cycles to her workplace in Robinsons, all the way from Little India, where she lives. “It saves me money,” she explains, “And it allows me to be more aware of my surroundings instead of being stuck in a train or bus.”

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