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You’re from South Korea. When did you move to Singapore?
I moved to Singapore with my family when I was younger, so I practically grew up here. I see myself as a good mix of both Korean and Singaporean; since I attended local schools, I’ve become quite localised already.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I like chilling at cafés in the area. I’ve been frequenting Ceres Haus recently, at 18 Circular Road. I especially like places that are more cosy where I can people-watch while enjoying good food and coffee.

I’ve been working in the Central Bureau District (CBD) for around two years now and I’ve found it really interesting to observe what people wear to work.

My favourite cuisine is—
Japanese! Sen-ryo at ION Orchard (and now Suntec) has the best sushis.

What’s your MBTI personality type?
INTP—aka a logician. I think it describes me accurately because I’m a thinker 99% of the time.

Tell us something not many people know about you.
I was signed with a modelling agency for a year, but I gave it up because I couldn’t juggle between modelling and my full-time job. I didn’t see modelling as a profession that I could sustain, so instead of diverting my attention, I decided to focus on my career. But i definitely don’t regret the experience.

How would you describe your dress sense?
I like to be a little bold and try clothes that people usually won’t wear. I love shopping at Zara—this dress is from there—or back in South Korea.

Are you the fashionista in your office?
I’d love to think so (laughs). I actually would like to start my own fashion brand one day, for wearable and chic office-wear.

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