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Tell us how you became a cabin crew.
Before this, I was a butler in the Maldives. It was fun a for short while, but island life became a little mundane after a few months and I felt trapped, so I decided to come home.

I didn’t know what to do after returning, and Singapore Airlines happened to be recruiting at that time, so I went for the interview and got accepted. I’ve been a cabin crew with them for five years since.

How do you deal with jet lag?
That part is quite tough; I just have to tahan (endure)!

That said, I do enjoy long haul flights since I get to spend time with my crew mates. My favourite flight route is the Manchester-Houston route, which is very long and has a fun flight pattern. As for the longest flight I’ve been on, it’s the one from Singapore to New York, which takes about 18 hours on average.

Share with us one thing that not many people know about flying.
Inflight meals are very high in sodium, so I cannot eat them everyday or I’ll gain weight (laughs). Many of us cabin crews will prepare our own meals or buy takeouts to consume on the plane before each flight.

Is this a job you wish to do long term?
I’ll actually be leaving the job after my contract ends next year. I’m now studying part-time to get a degree in Human Relations (HR) and Psychology, so I’m hoping to get into the HR industry after I graduate.

Do you think it’ll be tough transitioning from your prior jobs to predominantly working in an office?
Definitely! Right now, my office is up in the sky, so it’ll be a new environment that I’ll have to adapt to.

What is your favourite pastime?
I play sports, especially badminton, often with my friends and colleagues.

You’re 26 this year. How do you feel entering your late 20s?
I’m feeling the pressure because Singapore is a very competitive country and the standard of living here is also getting higher and higher, so must work hard lah.

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