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Something interesting about me:
I used to work in theatre and production. Six years ago, my partner and I did the casting for Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men films.

Is there a new side project that you’re looking to take up now?
Maybe expand my pineapple tart business. I bake pineapple tarts and sell them during Chinese New Year. I’ve been doing it for eight years. I also signed up with a cooking school and learned how to make bread, pastries, and things I thought I’d never be able to do. I can actually make my own cinnamon bun right now. To me, making bread was kind of like rocket science, but when you actually learn how to do it, you realise that it’s actually not that bad.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
To disappear whenever I want, or to teleport. Like if I fart, I can disappear. (laughs) Or if I’m having diarrhoea and I’m in a bus, I want to be able to teleport to the toilet. Getting out of embarrassing moments—that’s why I want to teleport. I don’t really care whether I scare people off, I just want to disappear.

Worst decision ever:
Helping my brother-in-law, who was my sister’s boyfriend then, on a project that I shouldn’t have, eight years ago. He was in production as well, and he had to shoot a video for a women’s prison to show the inmates how to behave in prison. One of their talents dropped out at the last minute, and they needed a replacement. He called to ask if I could help, so I rushed down—they were paying quite well—but I didn’t realise that I had to wear the prison uniform. The outfit was translucent—because they need to check for hidden items—and I had luminous green panties on. It was terrible. I had brown hair then, and they had to colour my hair black as well. But the good thing was that only inmates would watch the video, so if someone came up to me and said, “You know what, I saw you in that video!” That would mean they’ve been to jail.

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