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Describe your ideal weekend.
One day of rest, and one day of fun. Having quality time with friends; sometimes coffee, sometimes alcohol. It’s just nice to catch up, share some ideas, have a conversation, and get to know each other and their lives.

Something interesting about me:
For my job, I’m supposed to be a little more extroverted, but I’m actually quite an introvert. At work I have to have more of an outgoing persona, but I need to have my downtime and recharge on my own. I like to spend time alone—at least once a week.

What do you do during your time alone?
I watch some movies, read a book, or sometimes I pick up random hobbies, like Japanese stitching, sashiko.

Is there a side project or hobby that you’re currently doing or hoping to do?
Right now I’m just watching old films to see the styles in the past, because those styles are coming back. I don’t watch everything, but I try to watch some interesting films. I can’t really think of my favourite, but in terms of the style or fashion, it would be Belle du Jour, a 1967 French drama film directed by Luis Buñuel. I liked the colours used, and the way that Catherine Deneuve looks in the film. I would say it’s actually quite a dark film.

Best advice that I’ve ever received:
As mentioned, I’m more introverted, so I would say the best advice I’ve received was when one of the clients I’m working with told me, “When you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing.” That really stuck with me for the longest time, because the moment you’re in your comfort zone, it’s not good. You need to get yourself uncomfortable.

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