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Tell us a little bit about what you do for work.
I work in Marketing, specifically for financial crime solutions with Moody’s Analytics. I’m pretty new—only three months into the role—but it’s been great so far.

I came from a consumer background, previously working in public relations and employer banking. The transition from B2C to B2B came with its own challenges, as I now require more in-depth industry knowledge. It’s a completely different area that I never would’ve expected myself to be in, so it’s quite interesting.

You’re newly married! What has married life been like for you?
It’s been great! My husband and I have been living together for about a year now, and the best part is having someone to come home to and talk about my day with.

Of course, there was an adjustment period where we had to get used to each other’s habits, but I really like the routine we have now. Since I work from home half the week, I’m able to get started on dinner so that we can eat together when he’s back; if we were to both be in the office, it’ll be impossible to sit down for a proper meal together.

What is something your husband has taught you?
Patience and empathy.

Because he grew up with his grandparents, and I didn’t, he’s much more aware of how to communicate with different generations, whereas I don’t even know how to make small-talk with old people. Now, we hang out with his side of the family more often, so it’s been nice to be part of a larger family.

Was there anything that you’ve come to realise after marriage that you didn’t before?
When I lived with my parents, everything ran so smoothly, and I never noticed the consistency needed to keep the house running. Even when I was living in hall or abroad on exchange, it always felt temporary, plus I was in charge of a much smaller space. So I’ve learnt that it takes a lot of intentional effort lah, to maintain a home.

I’ve also grown to appreciate home-cooked meals with my family. Every week when I visit my parents, they’ll specially make something that I wouldn’t normally have time to cook myself.

What are your hopes for this new year?
The last few years have been quite interesting for me in terms of my personal growth and changes in my life, so this year, I want to continue keeping an open mind to learning and growing in different ways—both personally and professionally. And spend more time outdoors, I hope!

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