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You work as a hairdresser here in Singapore. Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?
Oh yes, I was a hairstylist for 10 years back in Tokyo before moving to Singapore. I specialise in short haircuts, like the bob hairstyle, which I love to work on the most.

What about your own hair, what style do you usually go for?
I love messy hair! My hair is naturally straight, which I don’t quite like, so I’ll usually put some hair balm in it to give it a messier look.

I can’t cut my hair myself, of course, so my colleagues will cut and sometimes dye it for me.

Why did you move to Singapore?
I’ve wanted to work overseas since I was a student, so when my boss offered me a chance to cut hair here, I had to say yes.

What do you miss most about Japan?
I actually went back home a few months ago, so I don’t miss Japan right now. But I do miss Japanese food sometimes, since the ones here are so expensive.

Tell us more about what you like to do on your days off.
I usually do sports when I’m off work every Monday, and I especially love water sports! I used to surf in Japan, and now I’ve picked up wakesurfing in Singapore.

How do you typically like to dress?
I like to wear vintage and oversized clothes. I think many Japanese guys such as myself like to source for secondhand clothes.

When choosing what to wear, I mainly focus on an interesting top, and then base the rest of my outfit off it.

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