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I disappeared from work for about 6 weeks last year.
I met some friends in Belgium; hitch-hiked around Germany; and visited Croatia, for the music festival, Ultra. I went to Portugal for surf camp, and then flew back from London.

Surf camp?
Yeah, it was a literal camp. For one week, we stayed in tents beside the beach, went for surfing lessons, and ate designated meals. It was fun even though I fell on my face so many times.

Goals for this year:
To start my own business selling sterling silver rings. There aren’t a lot of sterling silver brands in Singapore, it’s mostly the cosmetic ones that spoil in one month and turn your fingers green. My eventual goal is to design them myself, but for a start I’m going to curate them.

Why rings?
It’s a personal thing—I can’t wear bracelets, because they cut my wrist; I can’t wear necklaces, because they cut my neck. I’m wearing one of my very first rings: all the way back from Secondary 4, in 2007.

How I’d describe my style:
Monotone? It’s the same thing I said the last time but it still stands! And simple, I guess. I’ve been trying to add a bit more colour, so there’ll be one loud thing like my pants, then everything else is simple.

What about your hair?
My hair is pretty bright but I would not go pink or saturated! I didn’t intend to go for grey — I had blonde hair for two years then it was just growing out like crazy. Every time I bleach my roots it takes about 7 hours, so I couldn’t keep doing it to my scalp. I decided to do black; my stylist just treated this to make it white, and it turned out grey. I’ll just grow this out so the line keeps going down.

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