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How did you end up working here in a flower shop?

I’m writing my master’s thesis in Retail Merchandising right now. Before that I was in Medical Devices, and then doing Higher Education, and I decided that I actually want to go into Retail because I’ve been studying it. I just really wanted to leave California—I found this job and I liked all the people that I talked to, so I just decided to come see how it’s like in Singapore!

What would you not be caught dead wearing?

I would try most things, so probably something that gets just a little too stiff. I don’t like wearing something where you have to keep pulling at it, something like a long, stiff A-line skirt that doesn’t move, in a really boring colour, something that you can’t have fun in.

The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever worn:

I do a lot of costume-wearing, so I recently went out to a festival in New Orleans in a hot pink cropped top and a tutu, and I think a fanny-pack? (laughs) I also recently wore a giant black sheer shirt on a Sunday morning and everyone was giving me weird stares. I think it was a little bit much. But I love the shirt so much.

What’s the one tip you would give people who have just started working?
Ask for more feedback and advice. I wouldn’t really say that I ever had a mentor, but you should be asking asking more people, “What could I be doing?” Try to take on more projects so you can learn more skills and always be in something that’s challenging, so you’re always getting farther. Another one is to learn to do the things that other people don’t know how to do—the biggest way to make yourself invaluable is by doing the hard work that others just put off.

What’s your ideal work outfit?

Nowadays, in the flower shop, I do a lot of moving about and stuff, so I want something that’s comfortable that I can bend around in. But I love things that have a movement of their own too, so my ideal work wardrobe would be some sort of fitted, cropped jeans, fun flats or sneakers with cool details, and probably like a neutral-coloured shirt.

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