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You’re an architect by profession, but you’re also a photographer—how did your love for photography come about?
It came out of interest, really, and then I decided to develop it further. I don’t plan to shift to photography full-time—it’s supposed to be a hobby. I’m into abstract photography actually—minimal, abstract photos. I’ve taken great shots in Singapore so far.

Something you really enjoy about architecture?
I freelance—and that’s the best part of the job. There’s no time restriction or burden of supervisors. You just work by yourself.

What’s the memorable trip you’ve been on?
Sikkim in India, and Olympic National Park in Seattle. For Sikkim, I went cycling from the base of the Himalayas till the Tibetan plateau. It was a very long trip.

One building or space that you wish you’d designed?
There’s actually two—either the 9/11 Memorial in New York, or the Superkilen in Copenhagen.

What’s something you wish you were good at? Why?
Manipulating to my will whenever necessary, because that’s something I feel is much needed in today’s world.

Most interesting thing about yourself:
I like to live in the eleventh hour—I never plan stuff. Things come in and I just do it. It’s a good personal belief to live by.

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