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Sky Eyewear

I study Political Science.
Everything in society is about politics, and I think it’s very interesting to study something that kind of touches all parts of society.

I was studying here for a semester.
But now I’m actually a nomad as I don’t have a place to live in anymore, I’m just sleeping in my friend’s room (laughs). I’ll be off to Vietnam, then to Shanghai and the Philippines.

How do you like Singapore so far?
I like it, but it’s also very different from Scandinavia. I’m half Norwegian, and in Norway and Sweden our highest building is probably 1/3 of the height of the buildings here. The culture is very different there, you’re not really supposed to stand out or ‘show off’, so that applies to the architecture as well.

Favourite thing about Singapore:
I think it’s the people. Everyone is very friendly, and you can just talk to people no matter where you are. Even if you’re at the hawker centre, and maybe it’s because I’m a Westerner, but I think in Sweden you have a lot of social barriers which you don’t have here in Singapore. I really appreciate that so I’ll be bringing that home.

My plans:
I’m going to move to the Philippines to work for the Swedish embassy. I know Manila is a pretty big city and I’ve heard it’s not the nicest city to live in, but I’m still looking forward to it, like an adventure, or a challenge.

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