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Whether it comes to her work attire or attitude, Andrea says she always makes sure to keep it professional. “I always believe in looking presentable — this means no ill-fitting clothing, or flip-flops even if I’m out for lunch. Even if you’re in a t-shirt & jeans ensemble, carry it with confidence and add small details like a scarf or statement accessory,” she says. “Also — I can’t emphasise this enough — always be professional, whatever the job. Even if you’re not exactly doing something you like, take it positively and keep that in your experience bank.” She also suggests having back-up or ‘lazy’ outfits — a shift dress, for example — that you can don in seconds when everything else fails. Andrea took a break off from her studies to gain some experience in the work force, and says that right now, she’s trying to be a sponge and learn as much as she can. She seems to be enjoying work, although there have been times during peak periods where she has had to cancel appointments with friends and family. “I keep one day on the weekends solely for family time and make the effort to meet up with friends for lunch or dinner during the rest of the week. If not, keeping in touch via text works for me.” While she wishes she had time to be a volunteer worker as well, to help and care for the less fortunate, she also tries to lead a balanced lifestyle by occasionally going for a swim, yoga session, or a mixed-martial arts class or two. “I’d watch movies, catch up on TV series and read extensively, “ she says. “Photography is also something I’m really into, and it’s been one of my hobbies since I was 8 years old.” It seems like Andrea is still exploring and forging her own path forward; the one thing she keeps in mind? “Never compromise on your values.”

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