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Rachel believes in solid colours and basics; they always look put-together, she reasons, and they save her precious time trying to think of how to match her separates. Another thing she vouches for: flat shoes. “I’m always in flats,” she says. “With heels I feel like an awkward, train-surfing emu in the MRT. Not so glam.” Today’s shoes are her wet-weather shoes, something lightweight, comfortable, and handy to have in a bag for our unpredictable weather. When she isn’t buried under “piles of paper” at work, Rachel dabbles in oil painting and photography, but her true passion lies in movies and films. “I watch so many movies, I can’t even decide on the last movie I really liked,” she says. “I really like Woody Allen—his scripts and films, I mean, not so much as a person.” Rachel is also strict about keeping dinner time as personal time, and enjoys spending time with her two dogs and rabbit, all with alliterated names: Pepper, Pico, and the rabbit, Poncho. Interestingly, her rabbit’s name hints at her heritage: Rachel is 1/16th Spanish.

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