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Aside from banking, I’m a travel blogger as well.
I became a banker because that was what I studied in school. I also like to travel, so I decided to start a blog to share my tips about different places to visit. My favourite destination is New Zealand. It gives me a sense of serenity that I really don’t find in any other country.

Any memorable experiences to share?
Oh yes! I travelled to North Korea and they were quite strict about what kind of photos I could take. As a communist country, they don’t want any form of capitalism to be seen, and we weren’t supposed to take photos of markets, but I did. I knew tourists could get imprisoned for doing something wrong and I was scared, but in the end they just asked me to delete the photo.

Three travel essentials:
I always have to bring my hair wax. Secondly, my dental kit. I always feel incomplete or dirty if I don’t brush my teeth! Thirdly, if it’s long distance travel, I’d bring some moisturiser with me.

Where is one place that you really want to travel to?
It’s not really a specific place, but more of a continent. I haven’t been to South America and would really love to go there. The thing is that it takes one whole day to travel there and I mean, working in the corporate world, I don’t really get a lot of leave. But when I do, I do hope to visit.

Do you have any plans for your travel blog?
Well, I’m hoping to get better reach, not just in Singapore and Asia, but internationally. And I hope that the tips that I give or the destinations that are featured will be read and appreciated by the readers.

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