Not Your Average Girl Next Door








Not everyone can pull off a such a fierce look with such panache, but Joel balances out her edgy, razor thin heels and faux-leather pants with a breezy, sheer blouse and an unarmed smile. We caught her on the way to a meeting, and she certainly looks like she’s ready to tackle any challenges that the day might throw at her. She’s also unafraid of mixing different colours; it would be much easier and more common to stick to black when it comes to her choice of colour for her bag and watch, but Joel knows how to tone down the rest of her outfit by going for a taupe-brown bag and an oversized watch with polished leather straps. Working in banking, Joel is yet another exception to the crisp white shirt, stiff pencil skirt stereotype, and we’re glad to see that she isn’t afraid to inject a little personality into her day-to-day look.

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