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“Questioning makes you an active learner,” Clarity says. “When you ask, you remember and when you remember, you learn.” Currently working in a media agency, Clarity says that she has been lucky enough to have been surrounded by extremely kind and guiding managers in her career so far. “One thing they have always encouraged me to do is not be afraid to speak up and ask questions.” Another great thing about working in her field is being surrounded by “creative and expressive folks”, so the office dress code isn’t such a big issue. Work has taught her to manage her quality time out of the office well. “The honest truth is that you can never please everyone, but what I’ve been picking up along the way is to be more selective and to set aside certain days of the week for the people that really matter, and making that time count.” This half-Korean lass caught our eye in this cheery, casual-Friday outfit, the perfect antidote to the rainy weather, and says she is sorry to disappoint anyone who asks her about her Korean roots. “I can barely string a sentence together, have no interest in Korean dramas, and do not know of any mouthwatering, hidden-gems-off-the-beaten-track restaurants to recommend back in Seoul despite having family there.” If she could do anything she wanted to do, Clarity says she would be going “travelling, more travelling, and even more travelling”, and lives by this simple phrase: “Never touch anything with half your heart.”

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