Your wardrobe consists mainly of black—why that specific colour?
I think it’s a neutral colour—or rather a shade—that goes well with everything. My collection of black-coloured clothes started when I began doing a lot of background work, because the crew was always required to wear black. From then on, my wardrobe just expanded to all black clothing, because it was just easier and more functional that way. I think this bag is the only stripe of colour I have actually (laughs).

You run a podcast of your own—tell us a little about how the idea started.
My friend had been bugging me to start a YouTube channel for the longest time, but the thought of being in front of a camera freaked me out (ironic because I work in the media industry, I know). At that point, I began listening to podcasts as well, and speaking into a microphone for an hour about nonsense without the pressure of being on camera was just perfect for me… so I bought the equipment and started a podcast. Boom.

If you could have a dream guest on your podcast show, who would it be? 
Barack Obama. I think we both share a quirky sense of humour. The banter will be good–I can imagine it already. There’ll be quality quotes all around, and meme factories would have a field day.

What’s something you’ve learnt about yourself during the Circuit Breaker period?
I learnt that my go-to excuse for working at cafes—”I can never do work at home!”—has always been a lie. It was a bitter truth to handle.

Is there a habit or practice that you’re hoping to outgrow by the end of this year?
Nope, I’m perfect (laughs). I hope to be able to organise better—schedules, spaces, everything! I recently bought a book called How to Organise Yourself for $30, which is quite expensive. I’m hoping it proves its worth.

If you could film a documentary about a particular community, which one would it be?
I’d do a documentary of the superfans of celebrities in today’s digital world. Celebrities are boring; I want to know about the people who are obsessed with these celebrities. There’re bound to be great soundbites there.

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