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We know you’ve got a green-thumb: how did you get into home gardening?
I just recently got into the habit actually, during Circuit Breaker like a lot of people. I’ve been trying to explore this hobby and for now, my main priority is keeping them alive (laughs). I shifted into my new house quite recently, and the plants are also part of the decor process. The first few plants I got were actually mint and basil, because I thought they were common plants that’d be easy to grow and I could get some herbs for cooking—but then I found they were actually the hardest plants to grow! (laughs) I quite like the Begonia plant though, but I’m trying to see what type of plants or flowers would work best in my house.

How has the process of moving into your own house been like?
You know, it’s actually not been easy—I actually met around 10 interior designers during the process, because I did have a picture in my mind about how this would look. My dad and my uncles are all interior designers actually, so the creative juices really run in the family. I do feel that everything somehow came together when I needed it—we got the space ready right before Circuit Breaker began. It’s a space I call my own and I’m having fun playing around with different styles and designs to see what truly works for me.

On that note, share with us a little more about your favourite corner at home!
My favourite corner actually has this very interesting poster of a music festival in Paris, with an amazing line up that consists of Daft Punk, Phoenix, and Kavinsky—but it’s actually a fake poster! (laughs) It’s actually an artwork by an artist called Andre Saraiva, and it’s a great conversation starter whenever someone asks me about it. Another favourite part of my house is the place with my vinyl player from House of Marley which actually uses hemp in some parts of its design!

What’s something you feel that technology can never replace?
Technology has really helped us a lot during this time, what with Zoom and handphones that helped us connect with each other. Without technology, we’ll probably lose out on a lot during this time, but I think it also made us realise how important social interaction and the human touch is. The love you feel for each other and the way you express it is something that technology cannot express and relay.

For you, a perfect weekend is:
A perfect weekend would be one where we go hiking and explore nature. I like going to MacRitchie reservoir, Chestnut Drive and Thomson Nature Park, which all have very interesting jungle vibes and help you get a lot of fresh air. It’s nice to feel like you’re transported out of Singapore, especially since we can’t get out these days. Ideally, we’ll head out early for a trail to avoid all the crowds and cars in the morning.Another perfect activity would be hosting people—a lot of my friends didn’t get the chance to visit my new home before Circuit Breaker so now I’m slowly asking friends over to see my place.

What’s a trait that you appreciate in you friends?
The first and most important thing is that they have to be real. They shouldn’t come with an agenda and they should be who they are, even with their bad habits, and we should be able to accept that. I have a lot of friends with very different characters and the reason we still hang out together is because we accept each other. It’s also important that your friends become good influences in your life, and that you make each other a better person throughout the journey.

If you could be suddenly proficient at any skill, which one would you choose and why?
I’d choose being able to talk to my plants, so I know exactly what they need! I share my house with a lot of plants, so it’ll be cool to have conversation with them too.

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