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Slimy Oddity

Tell us more about the art you create:
I make colourful illustrations/comics under the pseudonym ‘Slimy Oddity’. I am pretty much inspired by my own experiences of spiritual awakening, and I hope to transmute the timeless wisdom that I’ve learnt into a fun format that’s easily accessible to anyone and everyone.

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?
This is gonna sound quite auntie of me but…I make savoury vegetable oats for breakfast every morning and I like adding Marmite to it. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to food so I never tend to venture out of my comfort zone. However, I randomly decided to try Bovril for the first time recently, and I was an instant convert. Bye bye Marmite, hello Bovril! There’s probably a lesson to be found here of not being afraid of trying new things.

What would you like others to remember you as?
As a kid, I used to dream of being remembered by many as a special, extraordinarily talented amazing person with a huge legacy left behind. Now that I’m older, I realise that was just the ego talking, and all I hope is to be remembered as a kind person.

Is there an artist or a work of art you’re particularly fond of? Share with us a little more.
I am wildly inspired and intrigued by the artist Hilma af Klint and her story. She was a revolutionary artist and mystic whose works only came to be known 20 years after her death. She was deeply involved in spiritualism while articulating mystical views of reality. I strive to convey that similar aspect of reality into my work—that which is unseen but felt.

What’s the first childhood memory you can remember?
I was two and laying in my baby cot, sucking on my milk bottle with my feet propped up against the wall, looking at the cartoon characters on this alphabet poster that was pasted on my wall. I was coming down with the flu—I remember the back of my throat feeling scratchy and weird—but I don’t think my parents knew I was falling sick. I really wish I had a more exciting first childhood memory, but this is it—life in all its mundane glory!

What’s a project that you’ve been excited about recently?
My husband and I started a new psychedelic/dream-pop band called Kekko, and our debut single was released just last month!

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