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You’ve organised 13 iterations of Underground Market so far—what do you think is something you’ve learnt time after time?
I have learnt that no matter the item, there will always be someone out there who wants to re-home it. For example, my dad attended a conference and was given a plastic cowboy hat. He then gave it to me and when I didn’t end up wearing it, I decided to sell it at UM with little expectations that it would sell but a lady saw it and immediately purchased it! This has happened time and again with different things, so I never usually throw items away.

What would your younger self not believe about your current self?
My younger self would not believe the acceptance I have for myself now. I’ve learnt to accept my body, the way I look, my circumstance and my journey.

Over the years, how do you think your fashion sense has evolved?
Just five years ago, my wardrobe was in shades of black, white and grey. Now, I have injected colour back into my style as I invest in pieces I really really love!

Something you’re grateful about your present is:
I’m so grateful for my support system. From my husband and dog, Nathan and Missy, to my amazing friends and family.

What’s a common misunderstanding people tend to have about your profession? 
That it’s a glamorous occupation.

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