Old Is Gold


Yoh Thai



Vivienne Westwood


Issey Miyake




Bottega Veneta

Even from a distance, Yoh Thai stands out from the crowd. Sporting a full head of white, yet undeniably stylish and even hip, Yoh Thai is an ideal exemplification of the saying, “old is gold”. “I’ve always watched what I wear, which is simply whatever I like.” Today, it means a fitted white shirt with intriguing collar detail, paired with loose pleated pants. That’s how he usually likes it, “looking smart and yet not too overpowering.” It doesn’t always have to be fanciful or elaborate; simply rethinking a classic can be stylish on its own. His lifelong love for design probably contributes  to his unique personal style. Yoh Thai has been working in IT his entire life, but loves design and architecture. “It’s all the same,” he says. In his free time, he enjoys jazz music, movies, and yoga, dabbling in everything he finds intriguing, because he lives by the philosophy of “being happy”. “Focus on what you do and be happy. If you are happy, the people around you will have the same vibe.” His parting words of wisdom to us young ones: “Be the underdog, work smart and harder than your peers. Make decisions, and do not procrastinate.”

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